About iCrossculture

Learn, listen, and discern with a heart of dialogue. Discover the "overlapping consensus." Loving people also makes people love themselves and self-love, and at the same time integrate with all things. Questioning, questioning, and self-understanding of root causes. Reflection is not just for the pursuit of truth, but a good life also requires philosophical reflection. Each particularity constitutes diversity and mutual recognition, learning, respect, and diversity.

Respecting one's own civilization, finding self-identity and finding a channel for development, the self must have the particularity of self. The particularity of self must be universal, and it can be shared with other civilizations and nationalities. In the same way, other civilizations should be able to recognize their superiority. Sharing with others is to recognize the particularity and universality of others and to blend the core values of the self into multiple values. These values can be shared. For differences, we don't think it is a threat, but we are "rejoicing" with different road references. iCrossculture is dedicated to the field.