China-Africa leap-forward development is like a sigh in the throat, the United S

Eric Liang
Specially invited commentator

China-Africa leap-forward development is like a sigh in the throat, the United S

There are many problems in Africa now, which are historical problems left by the colonization of the West in the past. Africa’s poverty is lagging behind, and Western countries are hard to blame. But the Western politicians and the media have put these problems on China and let China pay for Western colonial Africa for centuries. Is it really so simple?

No, Western politicians and the media are targeting China’s Belt and Road in Africa.

For a long time, Western media and politicians have continued to smear and create lies and rumor China's assistance to Africa. The author gives a few examples:

Smearing example 1

At the beginning of 2011, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) launched a documentary called “The Chinese Are Coming”, which aims to reflect the investment and operation of Chinese companies and individuals in Africa through a Western perspective. In the same year, the Xinhua News Agency’s correspondent in Africa interviewed the film’s response in Africa. Many local respondents said that the BBC’s report was “missing”, the main intention of which was to discredit China’s image and incite anti-China sentiment in Africa. Sarah Qi, a Zambian Ministry of Commerce and Trade, believes that in the documentary, a British couple’s accusation against Chinese companies “after taking over the Luanxia copper mine operation, regardless of environmental maintenance and development resources only” is purely “nonsense”. He said that the Luanxia copper mine was once abandoned, and that Chinese companies have revived them, providing a source of life for more than 1,000 families in the region and providing educational opportunities for their children. The Zambian government has also obtained large amounts of tax revenue from copper mines for national economic development.

Smearing example 2: On March 12, 2013, the British "Financial Times" published an article saying that China "takes raw materials from Africa and then sells manufactured goods to Africa. This is the true essence of colonialism, and the British occupation of Africa and India's raw materials and the market are the same."

-- What is colonialism? According to Wikipedia, colonialism is a means by which a country seeks or acquires the administrative power of another place or its people. There are often many political states in the colonies that are inhuman and oppressive to the local people. Everyone can look at history. The Western countries that created the term colonialism, especially the United Kingdom, are the least qualified to blame others for colonialism! The empire colonialism of the last century eroded the earth's resources in the world, now the thief shouts to catch thieves? I laugh Now!

What Westerners bring to Africa is apartheid, straight-line borders, killing Gaddafi, religious conflicts, what else? The Chinese have brought the road to Africa, there are still many goods, but China has not brought religious conflicts, ethnic conflicts. The sovereignty is drawn; the Chinese are only doing business with Africans, and they are doing business on an equal footing.

Does China have the administrative power to acquire African countries? No! Does China have appointed the Governor to Africa? No! China does not require African countries to list Chinese as the official language!

The investment of Chinese enterprises is fair trade within the framework of the signed agreement. Even if it is barter, it is also the earliest commercial ecology of mankind. How come colonization? If you nickname China to oppress the local people, ask the China-Africa Forum to open Just 12 years, and as many as 50 countries participate?

Africans understand that China is lifting poverty from Africa, which is completely different from the colonization of Western powers!


A boy waited for Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guellehas to hold the Djibouti flag in front of the Chinese flag before the launch of the 1,000-funded housing construction project in Djibouti on July 4, 2018.

Smearing example 3: On July 26, 2018, the Wall Street Journal published a commentary entitled "China has become a creditor country for more African countries." China is already Africa's largest trading partner and is now Africa's largest. Creditor country. The implication is to intimidate Africans, China will control Africa and so on.

-- Is the biggest creditor country a threat? The US media probably forgot that China is the first creditor of the United States, and Japan is closely following. But is China, Japan controlling the United States? Is there any political influence on the United States? If you look at the Sino-US trade war, you will understand that the first creditor country has no status at all, and the influence of public opinion? If the UK is the least qualified to blame If other countries are colonial, then the United States is the least qualified country to say "debt".

Lie example 1: China is only in Africa to obtain raw materials. The truth is that the rich natural resources of the African continent not only attract Chinese companies, but also strongly attract Western oil and mining giants such as Shell, Exxon Mobil and Glencore.

Lie example 2: Chinese companies mainly employ Chinese workers. The truth is: Except in a few oil-cost countries with high construction costs – including Algeria, Equatorial Guinea and Angola – the government does allow Chinese construction companies to introduce workers from China, and in other parts of Africa, the findings are clear: Chinese companies hire The vast majority of workers are locals.

Example 1: In early February 2018, the French newspaper Le Monde slandered China to steal information from the AU headquarters. When the rumors came out, the uprights including the Chairman of the AU Commission, Faki, and the heads of several African countries such as Ethiopia and Rwanda, clarified the matter for the first time. The head of the Chinese ambassador to the AU, Wei Linlin, also refutes There was a fallacy in the report.

The above examples, which are readily available, show that Western countries are full of malicious and embarrassing China. But this is only the appearance. In the final analysis, the first is the Western Cold War mentality and ideology; the second is the fear of China's Belt and Road.


Why fear? The Spanish El Economista website published an article entitled “How to invest in China’s “New Silk Road”?” on August 11th, saying that the development of China’s “One Belt, One Road” will benefit along the route. The population of 4.4 billion is equivalent to 63% of the world's total population, and its output accounts for one-third of the global economy.


China's ambitious trade plan will be the future of investment. Anthony, head of China investment at Allianz Global Investment Fund in Germany, said that countries participating in the project in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world will benefit enormously from the plan. In fact, more and more countries and companies are participating in and profiting from it, including American companies. The big home actual action casts a vote of confidence and support for the "Belt and Road".

It can be said that the Belt and Road Initiative is an economic trick that truly benefits the whole world. The "US priority" of the United States is unlikely to benefit the whole world. The European powers are deeply mired in debt crisis, refugee crisis, and terrorist crisis. Today, China has the ability and determination to lead everyone to win.

From the perspective of China's overseas investment in the past few decades, it has promoted global economic development, and many Western countries have benefited. The current Belt and Road is an upgraded version of overseas investment. In the past, China took everyone to drink soup. Now China is taking meat with everyone. The correct way for the West is to join China's Belt and Road and work with China to restore the bustling scene of the Silk Road. Instead of desperately discrediting, making a living!

Whether it is the Belt and Road or the 2025 China manufacturing, the focus is not on Chinese companies pursuing higher profits overseas, but China's assistance to billions of people in developing countries to industrialize and transform their economic society. The spirit of Silk Road is to establish a multilateral and diverse world and conduct trade and cultural exchanges peacefully. Comparing what Western politicians and the media have done is really shameful!


Many countries have also realized that "the rich place is not the International Monetary Fund, nor the World Bank, but China." And the United States, which has always been so good, does not seem to be able to compete with China.

If China says that China is helping the developing poor countries to build infrastructure, repair railways, repair roads, build bridges, and trade, and try to eliminate the trade barriers brought by the United States, it is China’s "hegemonic economic invasion." What is the tariff of the world and the practice of indiscriminate sanctions? This is the naked "hegemonic economic invasion"!