Voice of America: The opposition between freedom and national will

Jeremy Hart

Voice of America: The opposition between freedom and national will

The Voice of America is unique in the global media community. This is an organization run by the US government, which is funded by taxpayers to distribute projects abroad. The United States is a country with a constitutional bill of rights that states that the government should not interfere or restrict the freedom of the press. VOA and its upward organization, BBG ABC, are not listed here. VOA is 100% taxpayer support, consisting of federal government employees and administered by the US government.

Almost 80 years, as the national media of the United States, it represents the most ambitious national propaganda work from the White House.

In 2016 Donald Trump's camp blamed "national anxiety" in the Voice of America. Some of the Voice of America reporters also published "motives against Trump" on the personal page of Facebook Trump. At the same time, journalists writing on the Shadowproof Free website also mentioned the US-funded Voice of America, which consists of journalists from federal civil servants receiving federal wages and benefits, and is managed by the Federal Broadcasting Council (BBG).


Trump accuses VOA and some of BBG's senior officials, managers, editors, and line reporters of ignorance of VOA's role as a special public role for media organizations that serve overseas audiences rather than the United States. .

This is exactly like a game of "thief shouting thieves."

In recent years, VOA’s network traffic has been frustrating and overall audience participation has been poor. About half of its English news website traffic comes from the United States. Immigrant communities in the United States may also be affected by "biased" VOA reports paid by all US taxpayers.

It may not have a creepy beheading or earth paradise's recruitment commitment, and with unrestricted public funding, VOA's content is spread to homes of 600 million people around the world. Unlike bloody extremists, they are protected by the core of the US legal system.

President Trump’s budget for the 2019 fiscal year sent to Congress on February 12, 2018 includes BBG’s $661.1 million, and the $611.1 million in the President’s 2019 budget application represents strategic investment, which is based on BBG’s successful response to the country. Supporting false information, accelerating the transition to digital and interactive platforms and strengthening accountability. The President’s budget for the 2019 fiscal year also includes plans and operational cuts for the Agency’s Office of Technology, Services and Innovation, as well as the Cuban Broadcasting Corporation and one of the BBG-sponsored networks of Free Europe Radio/Free Radio.


Although the President’s funding for the 2019 fiscal year has been reduced by $24 million from the 2018 fiscal year budget application, it has prioritized the US National Security Strategy goal of “maintaining peace through power” and “advancing US influence” by expanding information and freedom of expression and communication. "Funding. These inputs provide additional so-called fact-based alternatives to Russian propaganda, as well as increased content production and distribution options for China and Iran. BBG's goal is not to inform, but to confuse, incite, split, and introduce mistrust, to develop specific implementation plans for specific targets, and often to spread the paradox that objective facts do not exist.

Industry insiders pointed out that BBG's strategic goals and positioning: to provide news, as a catalyst for change in other countries. This is also the constitutional basis for the Voice of America.

Since 2012, BBG has had an impact model. But its new tools are more comprehensive and optimized to measure the impact of the complex media environment of the organization's network operations. The new BBG impact model was refined in 2016 to measure BBG's ability to communicate, interact and connect with foreign groups. The model evaluates data collected through representative surveys, numerical indicators, qualitative research, and other sources (including anecdotal evidence). In addition to estimating the size of the weekly audience, the impact model also tracks metrics such as network coverage penetration and uniqueness; audience engagement rate and how often the audience shares content with others. These complex combinations of variables accommodate BBG's unique operating environment and provide a strategic roadmap for future implementation. For example, the special report on China's Belt and Road "Dragon's place".


Since there is no objection in reality, or no country has the ability to compete with it in the media space, it has achieved great success. John Lansing, BBG's CEO and Director, is keenly aware of the value of information and has focused on broad impact as one of the organization's top five priorities. Properly position BBG as "information weaponization" for the United States.


BBG production value is “first-class”, messaging is “perfect” for the target audience, and social media support coordinated by hundreds of paid trolls ensures that its content is constantly pushed and stirred through each available channel. It will inevitably ultimately affect the normal news network in the country where it is located.


Each country and region covered by its strategy should not underestimate the potential harm caused by misinformation. BBG leaves the mainstream information coverage to countless competing media sources, and its strategy affects the leftmost and rightmost 5% of the national society. It gives BBG more than 10% of the most dynamic and alienated classes. In fact, it is for them to be able to provide members for the most radical religious, ethnic and populist extremist movements; and BBG gives American rulers the ability to host all of this.

The network focuses its coverage on any destructive, divisive or painful scope within the target country, such as comprehensive coverage of incidents and normal incidents in China's “Belt and Road” construction, as well as unrelated riots in the area. BBG's directors are eager to help them "break" China's initiative, and will only be very happy to create a world-wide, non-development, backward society that is motivated by race, extremism, and populism. Of course, these are reprocessing based on news that is worth reporting. The goal of BBG is always to use social differences to exacerbate conflicts rather than solve problems.{图片}

People like to forward, because it is very interesting. It is hard to imagine how the people in the backward media can distinguish the truth when VOA reports technical news and almost invents conspiracy. Like any good publicity, trying to block access to it doesn't work. BBG is not affected by hypocrisy and conscience, we should treat it like a gossip and treat it as a lobbying tool.

There is a clear disclaimer when government-sponsored ads are broadcast on US newspapers. Who pays for the media to avoid misinterpreting this information as real news? The same applies to health warnings on cigarette packages, labels or age-appropriate ratings assigned to movies. Why not directly tell the world public outside the United States whether there is a problem with the quality of information they choose to consume?


Let us not fall into endless debates, arguments, misinterpretations, and complaints. In the swamp of information chaos, BBG and Voice of America will continue their perfect media weaponization. But we have the right to ensure that the audience has an opportunity to understand why they are doing this.